Karacabey and Onion

Cumhuriyet kurulduğundan The county of Karacabey was the onion storage of Turkey from the proclamation of the Republic until the 1980’s. The county’s income largely relied on onion production. In the 1930”s, onions were exported from the county chiefly to European and Arab countries. Goods produced in Karacabey were, then, delivered to Istanbul by sea.

Onions produced were first dispatched to Istanbul in 10t lots in Black Sea type singled-masted boats and then to places and countries of destination.

Türkiye”nin Turkey’s demand for onions for 12 months were supplied by Karacabey county and Tekirdag region. Manufacturers arranged and stored products in braid order.

Today, onion production has moved to Polatli and Suluova etc. due to climatic and soil conditions.

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